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Paved Walks & Patios

Enhance or expand your outdoor living space with a pave patio from Landscape Concepts.   DSCN0247 - CopyIf it's time to upgrade and if beauty and aesthetics are on the agenda then the time is right for patio pavers. Pavers can provide a more ‘useable’ area by providing a level surface.  Concrete patio pavers offer a tremendous array of advantages over other types of patio decks and concrete areas. Different pavers have different shapes, textures, surfaces, colors and provide any number of different design ideas, from very formal and modern to casual and inviting.  Additionally there are a vast number of patterns in which to lay the pavers. Besides the beauty, the ease of care that Coepatio pavers offer there is the factor of performance, durability and longevity and the fact that they are almost maintenance free.  Where as wooden patio decks require yearly maintenance and can be a problem to retain their beauty. And they do not have the longevity of paving stones. Patio pavers in any of their various designs and color patterns are today's choice to beautify any property and greatly add to its value. IMG_2285 - CopyThere are benefits to the installation of pavers or natural stone in comparison to concrete alternatives.  Concrete has a tendency to crack in our Midwest climate and will need to be completely taken up and re-poured, while pave stones can be lifted and replaced quite easily with minimal cost associated.  Also, there are times where services and utilities may need to be repaired and Landscape Concepts is able to come out remove a portion of the pavers, allow for the work to be completed, and then come back out to reset the blocks or stones. We are members of the BBB because we have and maintain high standards and treat our customers with excellence, integrity and respect. Call us today for a free consultation and let one of our experienced designers show you how pavers can enhance the beauty of your home.

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