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Seasonal Landscaping News

November 2014

As we are approaching the winter months many people don’t realize that our company, Landscape Concepts works year round! While the weather starts to get colder and the ground begins to freeze, we take a break from installing plantings and shift our focus onto hardscape projects including paved patios and retaining walls, with our main work being the installation of retaining walls.

Retaining walls and patios can be one of the most expensive elements in anyone’s yard, but can also add a level of style and functionality to a yard that can’t be achieved in many other ways. With the installation of hardscape, a homeowner can turn an unusable sloped back yard into a useable patio with terraced plantings and increase their property value at the same time.

Landscape Concepts focuses on installing 2 types of retaining walls, most commonly installed material is a pre-cast segmental retaining wall block. This is a frequent choice due to the consistent structural design of the block that can hold terraced levels of soil back while keeping an architectural look that is appealing to the eye. There are various uses for the blocks as well; not only straight retaining walls, but also curves, corners, columns, stairs and freestanding walls are easily achieved with proper installation. There are many variations of block, size, texture, and color that can be found using a pre-cast block to fit any style house and look that is desired for your finished product.

The second option is to use a natural cut stone, although more expensive and more labor goes into the installation of this type of retaining wall, the end result is far more natural and unique then a pre-cast block. However, with proper installation of a natural stone retaining wall it is only recommended to a max height of 2’, so there are limitations on the use for this style of wall.

Proper installation of retaining walls is the most crucial part in any hardscape project. To ensure the continued appeal for years to come, proper drainage below and behind the wall is important to keeping the structural integrity of the wall. Also, there are varying guidelines for wall heights and reinforcement that is needed to maintain the sturdiness of the retaining wall due to the forces of gravity working against it. The last key element is a solid, level, and compacted base layers for the blocks to sit on to prevent the shifting and sagging that can result from improper construction.

The possibilities are endless with the use of the retaining wall materials and our certified landscape team is ready to tackle your project. Our designers are ready to find the best layout for your property to create a lasting impression for many years to come. Call us today to schedule an appointment to get your hardscape in place before the Spring planting season!!

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