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Shrewsbury Property

shrewsberry 1During Landscape Concepts initial consultation with the homeowners we learned that what this family needed was both a larger entertaining area as well as a play area for their children.  There was an existing retaining wall that had been built, but really needed to be extended further down the length of the property and was starting to fall apart.  The husband and wife also were looking at installing a hot tub and needed site planning to figure out the best location that would work in their space.

shrewsberry 2









Shrewsberry 3First we had to remove the existing retaining wall and concrete slab patio, as well as remove additional soil in order to level out the lower yard and make a space suitable for the hot tub.  We relocated the retaining wall away from the house to allow for a larger patio that extended to the second doorway on the back side of the house.







Shrews 4The segmental retaining wall was also extended across the back of the property and included an area between the wall and patio to allow for plant screen installation for added privacy for the homeowner.







Shrewsberry 5The Landscape Concepts crew installed 3 steps that led to a lower patio area that included enough space to house not only the hot tub but also the customer’s grill.  As a finishing touch and safety precaution the homeowner wanted low voltage lighting  both to be integrated within the wall & steps as well as dome lights inset into the planting bed.Shrewsberry 6










Shrewsberry 8Shrewsberry 7Through space planning and patio transitions Landscape Concepts was able to transform this customer’s backyard into a spacious entertaining area that is still semi-secluded from their neighbors.



Materials used in this project are: Mosaic 3 Stone segmental retaining wall in Timberwood Blend color and  Bella Vista four stone pattern pave stone in Tuscany Color Blend.


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