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Kirkwood Property

kirkwood 1


Landscape Concepts had received a phone call from a customer stating that they had a railroad tie retaining wall at their pool site as well as an additional wall that was supporting an upper level area next to a basketball area.  The wall was starting to show extensive decomposition and needed to be replaced.  The homeowner was also looking for new plantings to liven up the space and add year round seasonal color.




kirkwood 2

When we arrived on site it was clear to see that the structure of the railroad tie was in need of replacing.







kirkwood 3Once Landscape Concepts came up with a design plan that the homeowner was happy with, it was time for the crew to step in and begin replacing the old railroad ties with new segmental retaining wall blocks.  This Kirkwood property wasn’t a large scale retaining wall installation, but the difference from before to after makes a strong statement.  As you can see Landscape Concepts created a tiered segmental retaining wall at the pool site allowing for a planting bed to be installed, in the before photo you can’t even see that there is a pool on the other side of the fence.

Materials Used: Versa Lok standard limestone segmental retaining wall blocks and caps.




kirkwood 4As far as the driveway retaining wall, Landscape Concepts had a larger challenge on their hands, not only were we removing the rotted railroad ties, the crew also removed the steps to the upper level pad.






kirkwood 5Within the design plan Landscape Concepts extended the new segmental retaining wall along the back of the level area as well as terrace and pull the tiers to also incorporate the basketball post.  By creating the new terraced levels of segmental retaining wall we not only added an aesthetic balance to incorporate additional plantings as well as include the basketball post to ease the lawn maintenance in that area.





kirkwood 6

Materials Used: Segmental Retaining Walls – 6” Versa Lok Mosaic in both standard and cobble sizes in Bethany Ledge color with a tumbled finish, and Iowa Rainbow Gravel Mulch around basketball post.

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