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What is Hardscape?

Many contractors in our industry know what we are talking about when the word hardscape is mentioned, however for most homeowners the question of ‘what exactly is hardscape?’ comes up quite often.  Hardscaping consists majorly of patios, pathways, and retaining walls either created using pave stones, natural stone and boulders, or segmental retaining wall blocks.  But in the true definition includes anything that is in your yard that is not planted and growing…so hardscape also encompasses dry creeks,  fountains, water features, sculptures, fire pits, and yes even those lovely pink flamingos and flocks of dressed up geese! Installing hardscaping can be HARD work, no pun intended, but at Landscape Concepts we are able to continue working on hardscape projects into the colder winter months.  However, once the ground begins to freeze patios and walkways can become difficult to install so we always look to install retaining walls to keep our crews busy outside of planting season.

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