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Grading, Drainage, Dry Creeks & Seed/Sod

Grading, Drainage, Dry Creeks & Seed/Sod:

 Landscape Concepts is a Design/Build company and is able to do many different areas of outdoor services to your landscaping including grading, drainage, installing dry creek beds, and seeding or soding a property.  However, these all are part of a package done in conjunction with other work to be performed at a residence, Landscape Concepts typically will not complete just one of these services as a standalone job.

Grading: When one of Landscape Concepts designers comes out to your home during an initial consultation, we are able to determine whether or not grading is necessary at your property.  There are two major reasons for the need of grading, poor drainage and a naturally sloped yard that is unusable for an active property owner.   When done in combination of the installation of a retaining wall Landscape Concepts can then grade a level area into your yard to create either a flat surface to install a paver patio or play area for the kids.  Also, there are times in some of our Midwest front or back yards that we notice some sections of our yards that my not properly drain due to ruts or slopes in the soil, once an area is assessed our crew can use minor grading to help divert the water to flow off a pooling site.

Drainage: Landscape Concepts has an in house crew that is knowledgeable on the proper installation of various drainage techniques.  Whether we are completing a planting project and need to divert water out of a bed space by running a down spout underground toward a runoff point, or an entire French, box, or channel drain is necessary to move standing water off a property quickly.  We include drainage installation when done in conjunction of other aspects of a job.

Dry Creeks: There are times that one of our designers meets with a customer and basic drainage is not enough to solve a standing water problem that a homeowner may have.  There are a couple ways to address moving the water off property and into the correct channels (and no it does not include just diverting the water into your neighbors’ yard!).  Landscape Concepts suggests either creating a swale which become a natural trench to divert the water from the drainage issue location towards a sewer outlet, or similarly by the installation of a dry creek.  A dry creek acts as a runoff for standing water that is more appealing to the eye and can completely transform a yard that has a drainage problem into somewhat of an oasis with the use of various sized boulders, cobbles, and river stones.

Seeding/Sod: While Landscape Concepts crews are out at your property there may be some areas of your lawn that need to be addressed due to natural conditions as poor drainage and uneven soil, from the removal of bed space or the installation of a new retaining wall or patio.  With the use of seeding or soding we can get your turf looking lush and green again.  As our designers work up a plan for your property we can begin to assess the existing grass and determine through a homeowners budget and time what will work the best for their space and achieve a complete and finished end result.

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