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Trees and shrubs should be fertilized annually during the early years of growth.  As plants mature, fertilization can be reduced to every 2 to 3 years.  Trees that are grown in turf areas often receive enough nutrients from the turf fertilization and may not require additional fertilization.  Fertilize in late fall or early spring using a well-balanced fertilizer containing micronutrients.  Use an acidifying fertilizer for shrubs that prefer a lower pH.  This will be listed on the label.

Perennials should be fertilized twice in the spring – once in late March/early April and again 6-8 weeks later.  Use a well-balanced granular fertilizer and cultivate into the soil around the plants.

Groundcover should be fertilized monthly with a liquid general purpose fertilizer during the first year to encourage establishment and growth.  Once a groundcover is established, fertilize annually.

To keep annual flowers blooming, fertilize bimonthly for the entire growing season using a liquid general purpose fertilizer containing micronutrients.

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