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Before and After

There are numerous benefits to using a design/build company such as Landscape Concepts with the greatest benefit being that it ensures that integrity and completion of functional, practical, creative designs & installations that are on time and on budget.



We recieved a call from this homeowner who had a railroad tie wall that was deteriorating in his back yard as well as having a slope that has a tree with exposed roots and he was tired of struggling to mow that portion of his yard.  Landscape Concepts came up with a plan for this homeowner to remove and replace the railroad tie wall with standard Versa Lok segmental retaining wall blocks and for the slope had to do a bit of thinking outside the box.  We ended up stripping the turf and installing barrier fabric and Iowa Rainbow gravel mulch along with some decorative fieldstone boulders to eliminate the need to mow while also installing something that looks appealing to the eye.






A previous customer called Landscape Concepts to return to their home to install new retaining walls at the front foundation to replace a rotted out garden tie planter bed.  The customer was not interested in the composite concrete retaining wall block and wanted to use a natural stone instead.  Our crew installed tiered tumbled Fon du Lac natural stone retaining walls which matched the overall feel and look of the home while also adding a lighter color stone that brightens up the space with a crisp clean look.

Back 1

Back 2

This back yard had a boxy, closed-in feeling and no plantings or other features of interest. Wood fences were replaced with wrought iron to open up the space. Curved lines were incorporated and plantings added.


Back 3

Back 4

Same back yard showing the opposite view.  New curved patio allowed for plantings to soften the lines of the house and fence. The wood fence was scalloped to help open the view and eliminate the boxed-in feeling.

Muegge 1

Muegge 2

The only access to the front door was from the driveway and up a staircase that ran along the house. The slope at the drive was a problem for mowing. Plantings were outdated.  Walls were added to address the slope change by the garage. Piers, wing walls, a stack staircase, and paver walk was added for a direct entrance to the front door.



Overgrown front yard plantings made it difficult to see the house from the street.  Plantings were removed and turf areas were added to open up the view of the house.

McLaughlin 1

McLaughlin 2

The front foundation planting was overgrown and the Yew hedge dated the house. The slope made mowing a problem.  A small retaining wall was built to eliminate the slope and new updated plantings with seasonal color were added.

Deddens 1

Deddens 2

The existing deck in the back yard was starting to deteriorate.  The deck was replaced with a pave stone patio with retaining/sitting walls and piers. A pave stone path connects the back yard to the front driveway.

Gerley 1

Gerley 2

Unattractive plantings offered no privacy for the patio area and their view was 2 separate back yards.  New plantings provide immediate screening at the patio and will provide additional screening as the plantings mature. Color and interest were added.

Waterford 1

Waterford 2

This common ground area of a condominium complex we redesigned was rarely used. We developed the entire property but decided this it should be the first area installed.  The residents love the new area and it is now used often to host events or just sit outside and relax. Our motive was to bring more residents into the redevelopment game plan.

Murphy Tim 1

Murphy Tim 2

This patio area faced the street and offered no privacy.  Simple plantings were added to provide screening.

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