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Brown Patch Turf Disease

Humidity and excessively wet conditions can create the perfect opportunity for brown patch to develop during the summer months. The fungus develops during the hot, wet, and humid weather patterns and affects all turf grasses.  Tall fescue and lush cool-season lawns are especially vulnerable. The disease creates round or irregular patches in shades of tan [...]

Summer Gardening Challenges

Summer can present some gardening challenges with the heat, humidity, and reduced rainfall we often have in July and August.  Here are a few ideas to protect your garden and plants. When installing new plantings, select plants that are native to the area or that tolerate or even prefer dry soil. Space plants according to the directions on the [...]


Deciduous trees and shrubs can be pruned any time during the year, however, it is easier to evaluate the branching structure during the winter months when the plants are dormant.  Flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned immediately after flowering. Evergreen trees and shrubs can be pruned from early spring through July.  Pruning later in the season [...]

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