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Oranges, Yellows, and Reds Are Everywhere

The Fall season has made it’s presence known as the rich Autumn hues take their place in the landscape.  Everywhere you look trees and shrubs are starting to show their spirit through their changing colors as they start making their way into dormancy.  While this happens to be one of our favorite seasons Landscape Concepts makes a point in designing spaces to add some display of seasonal interest and color when coming up with our design plans.  We do like to enjoy the natural beauty that Mother Nature provides and try to keep that in the back of our minds knowing that in just a few weeks it will also be time to get out those rakes for the falling leaves.

Let’s not forget that it is also bulb season. If you would like those splashes of color and fragrance that bulbs bring to the garden in the spring now is the time prepare the soil and plant them. We also like to install a large grouping of bulbs in one space to make a showy scene of color when the bulbs pop up in the Spring, and if you are like me and can forget all the bulbs that were planted it can be a nice fragrant surprise! This is also the time to take out and store the summer flowering bulbs that are not hardy for this temperature zone. When storing bulbs, moisture is the biggest cause of problems. Be sure to follow the recommended instructions when choosing the material to store your bulbs in.