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Summer is Here!

Landscape Concepts has been keeping quite busy both inside and out of the office with a variety of retaining walls, patios and plantings. July is a great time of year to enjoy time off and to visit new places. Vacations are a wonderful way to revitalize, enjoy family, and just relax. But let’s not forget about your plants! This is typically the hottest time of year for our area which means that plants will need extra water. Although recently we have been receiving additional amounts of rain, much of this heavy rain is running off. This situation can actually cause plants to suffer more. So please, be aware that your garden may need water quicker than expected due to runoff. Now that it is summer and the temperatures have been higher our company tends to install more patios and retaining walls, new before and after photos have been uploaded to the site as well so be sure to check them out!

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