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Fall is Here!

Many landscape companies have always enjoyed the onset of September because it signifies the start of the fall season and it is no different at Landscape Concepts, not only does fall offer a much needed break from the summer heat it also offers so much more color all around us.  After the summer that we have had this year, having something to look forward to is a welcome feeling.  Fall brings about cooler evenings which will help our grass to green up, will trigger fall flowers to bloom, and unfortunately will cause the weed population to speed up their growth.  Stay on top of the weeds because they will produce seed at a much quicker rate in the cooler weather.

Tropical Storm Hermine brought some much needed rain and you can already see the grass responding to it.  A fall fertilizer application can be a rejuvenating element in your lawn’s recovery.  Remember, that if you are going to reseed, you should only use a lawn starter fertilizer and not a fall fertilizer.  Fall fertilizers have a much higher nitrogen rate and may burn new seedlings.

Late September and early October is also the prime time to prep new areas and renew old areas of the garden.  I know my garden is in serious need of redesign and rehab. This is the time to remove dead or dying plants and make changes in plants that are not performing up to standards. Prepare your soil and start selecting new plants to replace the ones you have removed.  It is very important to water these new areas well before replanting.  The rain we got from Hermine was not enough to provide the deep moisture the trees and shrubs need.  Depending on the rainfall we get this month, several long water soakings may be required in order to get moisture deep enough into the soil before planting.  We do recommend that you continue to water both new plantings and old plantings.  Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and water late in the day.  This will help to get the moisture deeper into the soil.