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The Crisp Air of the Holiday Season Has Quickly Approached.

With the brisk chill of the air we now are aware that winter is quickly upon us, as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins very few take a moment to stop and look at the barebones of your landscape.  December is a great month to start looking at a plan for the upcoming spring season; yes it is a few months away but thinking and planning out the next steps of your garden is much easier when the leaves have fallen off trees and bushes and you are able to see a blank canvas.

In order to help keep your evergreen plants their best through the winter months you may want to use an anti-desiccant. Anti-desiccants (Wilt-Pruf) are biodegradable latex materials that can be sprayed on evergreen trees and shrubs, especially broadleaf evergreens, to protect them from the drying effects of winter winds. Apply anti-desiccant when the daytime temperatures start falling below 50 degrees (late fall/early winter). Apply when the temperatures are above freezing and there is no threat of rain or frost within 24 hours. It is also recommended that you spray one additional time after 8 weeks since it is an organic matter it will break down from the heat of the sun.  They are especially helpful on new plantings to reduce winter burn.

The first aspect of the designing process is to look at the lines of your house; a change in a roof line is a great place to add a visually stimulating plant to give a pop of color or a variation in height.  While looking at your property do you notice that there are bare spots where you would like to incorporate winter color or interest?   There are countless trees and shrubs that will add to your landscape even through the winter months after the bulk of the neighborhood plants have dropped their leaves.