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Watering New Plantings

A regular watering program is essential to establish your new planting.  The key to successful watering is remembering that the roots of your new plant are in very contained areas.  Water needs to be applied directly to the root area. Container-grown shrubs should be watered by holding a hose directly over the center of the shrub.  Count to ten then [...]

Outdoor Plants That Winter Well Indoors

As late fall and the first frost approaches, we think about the plants we nurtured all season, the ones we enjoyed the most, and what we would like to keep alive over the winter.  But some plants are just not meant to live inside.  A few basic guidelines can help you determine what to move inside. True Annuals which reproduce by seed should not be [...]

Brown Patch Turf Disease

Versa Lok After RR Tie - Copy
Humidity and excessively wet conditions can create the perfect opportunity for brown patch to develop during the summer months. The fungus develops during the hot, wet, and humid weather patterns and affects all turf grasses.  Tall fescue and lush cool-season lawns are especially vulnerable. The disease creates round or irregular patches in shades of tan [...]