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Summer is Here!

Landscape Concepts has been keeping quite busy both inside and out of the office with a variety of retaining walls, patios and plantings. July is a great time of year to enjoy time off and to visit new places. Vacations are a wonderful way to revitalize, enjoy family, and just relax. But let’s not forget about your plants! This is typically the hottest [...]

It’s Almost Time for Spring Maintenance!

Dillon 1
Well we have made it to the middle of February with quite the unpredictable first couple weeks of the month!  Looks like we will have another off temperature week with weather ranging from the 30's to quite possibly the 70's by the end of the week!!  There are plenty of landscaping jobs that you can tackle during the colder Winter months. If there is a [...]

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Ross 2
Early Fall is the ideal time to plant Spring flowering bulbs because it allows the root system to develop and establish before the ground freezes.  Bulbs with a short dormancy, such as daffodils, crocus, and some of the very early Spring bulbs, should be planted in September or early October.  Hyacinths and wood hyacinths can be planted at late as [...]